REEM Hair and Beauty use Balmain Bonds, Racoon Extensions

Hair Extensions

As a 5 star hair salon at the leading edge of our field, we are always striving to stay in front by introducing new techniques in hair extensions. We offer a wide range including clip-ins from extend-your-hair, weave-in extensions,micro-ring extensions and racoon and balmain bonds.

All REEM hair stylists are educated to the highest level in applying and maintaining your hair extensions. Our staff can remove old hair extensions safely and professionally. Members of our team have travelled the world learning new techniques and different applications of hair extensions. all of us have attended intense hair extension courses with Balmain and racoon hair.

So be assured that our stylists have the expertise and upmost confidence to give you an effective transformation in as little as a few hours, we will present you with an aftercare plan so not only will you hair stay looking great, but it will also maintain looking in it's best condition throughout.

We carry an extensive array of good quality 100 percent REMY human hair, we carry out a free colour matching service in the salon and we can also cut these in for you on the same day.

Hair Extensions

Clip in extensions fromfrom £43.99
Weave in extensions 14"from £140.00
Weave in extensions 16"from £150.00
Extensions over 22"Please Call

REEM use Raccoon Bonds, Balmain bonds and Micro loops/rings extensions. We are able to do extensions up to 22", but price will be based on a FREE Salon Consultation.

Based in central Chatham REEM Hair and Beauty is accesible from the Medway Towns, Rochester, Gillingham and Maidstone.

FAQ about Hair Extensions 

Can hair extensions damage my hair?

Absolutely not, when applied by a professional your hair can only improve. It is of course essential that you care for and maintain your extensions.

Will maintaining my hair extensions take a lot of time and is it expensive?

Prior to hair extensions being applied you will receive a full consultation with one of our Stylists. You can then be advised of the maintenance required for your personal extensions. Following this advice will ensure that maintenance costs are kept to an absolute minimum.

Are hair extensions uncomfortable?

Hair extensions only hurt if they are applied to close to the scalp. Racoon hair extensions are applied 2cms from the scalp, leaving you pain free and looking fantastic.

How long will my hair extensions last?

As a general rule hair extensions will last for about 3 months, without any rotation.

What is rotation?

Rotation is the removal process of lower hair extensions and the re-application back on to new hair growth.

I would love to have hair extensions, but why are they so expensive?

To go from short to long requires a lot of hair. At REEM Hair and Beauty we guarantee to source and use only the finest quality hair. This guarantees that extensions can be intricately placed to create a 100% natural look.

I would love a total new look, how can I achieve this?

Try experimenting with hi-lights or low-lights at first. A few extensions at the side of your hair and you are on the way to a new you.

Will the glue used to apply hair extensions damage my hair?

REEM Hair and Beauty do not use glue to apply hair extensions. We bonding materials made only for hair extensions that is tested and meets rigorous quality procedures.

Does the heat when applying extensions damage my hair?

Racoon extensions require no heat, the bonding when placed onto your extensions and then added to your natural hair creates less heat than your straightning iron, hotbrush or some blowdrying tools.